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    luftwaffe-research-group.org is a privately owned forum which is intended solely for use as a members forum. The site is strictly non-commercial and all work is done by the administrator and a dedicated group of community volunteers. These pages are not affiliated with, sponsored by, or authorised by any company whose products are mentioned and/or pictured on this forum. This forum reflects the opinions of the general public and we assume no liability based on information contained herein. All featured products and names may, or may not, be registered trademarks or copyrights of their respective owners. Whilst referenced articles and photos remain the copyright of their respective owners, all posts are considered the property of luftwaffe-research-group.org. Outside links, within the forum, are for the pure convenience of the forum's visitors. We do not take responsibility for any link, be it in content, naming, or the philosophy of the linked page(s). Members must agree to, and abide by, our Code of Conduct Rules in order to post on the luftwaffe-research-group forum. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts, at our discretion, to meet with our code of conduct rules. By entering this site you acknowledge you have read and agree with our legal policy.

    All accounts and postings belong to luftwaffe-research-group.org. We will terminate your account upon request and proper validation, however we may choose to not remove your posts, comments, pictures, blogs, or anything else that your account has posted to the site. This decision will be made by the administration team.

    If anyone disagrees with the above statement and wishes for their account to be removed then please contact me and I will oblige.

    Sadly the minority ruin the forum for the majority and the above disclaimer is now in effect. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.