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"Infosharks" are not welcome on LRG!

Discussion in 'Welcome & Forum Rules/Code of Conduct' started by Clint Mitchell, 6 November 2015.

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  1. Clint Mitchell

    Clint Mitchell Administrator
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    29 August 2014
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    It is with regret that this post has to be made, but we have found that there are a few members who are actively participating and supporting other online LW research sites with eBay finds and interesting (LW based) comments and information that our membership would very much appreciate seeing. These members are not posting that information here for some reason, but only on their favoured LW sites.

    The LRG staff spend a great deal of their spare time finding interesting eBay auctions and other LW related material which they then share with the greater LRG membership. It is therefore unfair that members should simply use this forum to leech any interesting eBay photos or information without posting the interesting material on LRG that they find in return.

    We are grateful that we have a dedicated and very much appreciated core group of members who share their knowledge, findings and actively participate in a fair manner.

    As for the members who are not getting involved and are for whatever reason withholding the information that they find which could quite easily be posted here for the LRG members to appreciate too. We will be monitoring the situation on an individual basis and if it does not improve we will be removing your accounts without further notice.

    We appreciate that we have a large number of members who do not post very often and may simply feel or believe they have nothing to add. This is not directed at you, but is directed solely at a small group of members who we know could be doing more, but are choosing not to.

    So just play the game. We all do this in our very limited spare time, so it is only fair that any help the members can give is shared too. If you do not get involved, but could, then there is really no benefit to the LRG as a whole to keep your membership active.

    By continuing to use the LRG forum you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the above statement. If you disagree with the above stance please contact the administrator so they can remove your account.

    We will also be deactivating accounts that have had no activity for one year or more.

    The LRG staff.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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