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Discussion in 'Welcome & Forum Rules/Code of Conduct' started by Clint Mitchell, 12 September 2014.

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  1. Clint Mitchell

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    29 August 2014
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    Username Guidelines

    As a member we insist that you use your full real name. That means your full forename and surname.

    This is a private forum. The administrator manually verifies and accepts every single membership application. This means that only registered members of the forum who have been personally accepted by the administrator will have the opportunity to see your real name.

    Using full names on the forum conveys openness and helps to ensure that discussions are conducted in a respectful and friendly manner. It also enables researchers to accurately record the source of any research they are undertaking whilst using the information contained within the forum.

    We do not allow members to use nicknames, monikers, alias's, pen names, a nom de plume, or a literary double as there username. However you can easily add your alias/nickname to your post signature via your account settings so that other members can see it listed at the bottom of every post you make on the forum...

    Any form of SS or Nazi linked names are strictly forbidden and will be rejected without warning.

    Any membership applications that contain usernames that look suspicious and or do not adhere to the above guidelines will also be rejected without warning.

    The forum management will not enter into debate regarding the above guidelines... So please do not try...

    Any members found to be sidestepping this rule or it is discovered that they have failed to use their real name will have their account closed without warning.

    If your initial membership application was rejected please try again with a your real name.

    As previously stated LRG is a private forum and the forum's management reserve the right to refuse your membership application if they wish to do so.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
  • About the Luftwaffe Research Group

    The purpose of this forum is to research and discuss the German air force active under the Nazi regime during the period of the Third Reich’s existence. It is a non-political forum which in no way agrees with or promotes the politics, ideologies, actions, or atrocities perpetrated by the Nazi regime. The discussion is to be limited to the military aspects of the Luftwaffe’s activities, equipment, personnel, tactics and aerial warfare during the period. The display of Nazi related images, emblems, uniforms and symbols such as the Swastika are purely for research and historical accuracy and in no way to be seen as promoting Nazi ideologies or politics.
  • Donations

    This forum is run voluntarily by the LRG staff, but it costs money to pay for the hosting and any updates that are necessary from time to time. If you would like to donate some money to help cover these costs please do so via the donations link in the 'Nav bar'. Any amount however great or small will be very much appreciated.
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